Upload Instructions

  1. Start with 2 or more coders working on duplicate copies of the same bundle/HU.
  2. Each coder must log in using a distinctive coder ID. If you are not yet using the Altas log in function to have coder IDs assigned to individual quotations, then you can skip this step and at a later stage (but before the merge) simply re-name all the quote authors using the Miscellaneous » Change Author function in the quotation mamager.
  3. The goal is to end up with 2 (or more) HUs that have the same primary docs and codes and a distinctive set of quotations that are all created by a consistently identified coder. The comparison tools will need these precise coder IDs to be placed in the Annotator1 and Annotator2 fields when you submit your data.
  4. Assuming we have just two coders, once the coding is complete, you need to create a merged file using the following merge strategy: start with the "Same PDs Same Codes" stock strategy and change the quotations selection from "Unify" to "Add", proceed with the merge and save the results.
  5. Select "Quotations » Output » All Quotations » Editor" and then (VERY IMPORTANT!) save the All Quotes output as a plain text file (default is RTF, which will not work with the tool).